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 Male Cadet parade shoes only a few sizes left in this shoe.One of the best shoes for the money.

Clean and Smart Cadet Parade shoe.

Our cadet ATC parade shoes are a great addition to any budding cadet’s turnout. They arrive brand new and boxed. This is the shoe of choice for those looking for military footwear. The shoes  have clean smart lines in their design. These ATC style  shoes are hard wearing durable and comfortable.

Only a few sizes left in the remarkable value shoe.

  • Slip Resistant
  • The shoe is slip resistant and passed all the tests with S.P.C. Resistant
  • Shock Absorbent
  • The heel is shock absorbent
  • Anti-static function
  • Top Tips for Cadet Parade Shoes

    • Your cadet shoes should be polished to a high standard and cadets take great pride in this.
    • Use plain shoe polish instead of parade gloss. This method is more difficult, but the deeper shine on your parade shoes as a result is worth the effort.
    • Never leave your ATC or CCF parade shoes in direct sunlight, as it will damage the shine.
    • Running your ATC or CCF shoes under ice cold water and rubbing with cotton wool will remove any smears left on them from polishing.

    What is the ATC?

    The Air Training Corps (ATC) is a community-based organisation and is open to anyone aged between 13, or 12 if you are in year 8, and 20 years who is eligible. They have over 900 squadrons around the UK.

    Their motto is Venture-Adventure and that’s exactly how they act. In the ATC you will gain a sense of adventure that helps you stand out from the crowd.

    During your time in the ATC you will experience various training opportunities and gain Duke of Edinburgh Awards, great for CV building.

    Members of the ATC enjoy exciting experiences and gain memories that last a lifetime. You will get to don special cadet uniforms and learn skills you never knew you could master. Being part of the ATC means visiting places you might otherwise get a chance to and of course, make friendships that will last a lifetime.

    Whether challenging yourself through adventurous training or representing your school on the International Air Cadet Exchange program you will be given the opportunity to reach your full potential through the cadets. Your early experiences may even guide you to an Air Cadet Leadership Course.

    ATC Uniform

    Cadet turnout is a crucial part of ATC life. Turnout is the term used to describe the cadet uniform worn at parade and drill. This exercise shows how individuals can work as a team and is a great way of showcasing the high standards of behavior and dress the cadets is famous for.

    What to expect at parade and drill

    • Foot Drill
    • Basic Drill (both quick & slow time)
    • Banner Drill
    • Band Drill
    • How to form a squad
    • How to turn and salute
    • How to perform those movements when marching

    When is the ATC it’s expected that you look smart at all times, our parade shoes come in a variety of styles and our large size parade shoes are some our best selling items.

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