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Cadet Parade shoes

CADETS Looking smart in Parade shoes \ Boots.

 The Air Training Corps (ATC) is open to anyone aged 13 -20 with more than 900 squadrons over the country. The ATC offer adventurous training and are one of the largest operators of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme.The Combined Cadet Force (CCF/RAF) is based in over 200 schools throughout the UK where members learn confidence, self-reliance and endurance. What’s more, cadets have the chance to attend annual camp at a RAF base to experience Service life up close during the summer holidays.

Benefits of ATC and CCF

Being part of the ATC or CCF is extremely rewarding, thrilling and fun! Members can expect:

  • To learn new skills.
  • To visit places they have never been before and of course.
  • Meet lots of new friends.
  • Gain confidence
  • Go on adventurous training

Cadet Turnout

Turnout is the term used to describe the cadet uniform worn at parade. Appearance is an extremely important part of the cadet lifestyle. One of the responsibilities of cadets is to look smart at all times. Cadets wear their uniform with pride and a high shine on your ATC and CCF parade shoes will never hinder you success in your squadron and is actively encouraged. Cadet shoes are used by cadets A.T.C and the C.C.F.

Top Tips for Shoe care.

 The cadet Parade shoes should be polished to a high standard and cadets take great pride in this:

  • Use plain shoe polish instead of parade gloss. This method does require a little bit more elbow grease, but the deeper shine on your parade shoes as a result is worth the effort.
  • Never leave your ATC or CCF  shoes in direct sunlight, as it will damage the shine.
  • Running your ATC or CCF shoes under ice cold water and rubbing with cotton wool will remove any smears left on them from polishing.

Types of Cadet ATC and CCF shoes. 

1. Female, girls  ATC shoe

Our female cadet shoes offer a rubber sole 4mm thick, has been laboratory tested for abrasion, flexibility and slip resistance. The shoe even has a padded foot bed for added comfort. This is an extremely good ladies or girls parade shoe and great for ATC drill and turnout. Size 3-14. Our Shoes are all available for delivery next working day.

2. Female  Shoes Budget

We also offer a new budget factory second shoe made for the cadets. It has a synthetic upper and PVC anti-slip sole unit. It has a high shine and has the raised heel and smaller pointed toe compared to the other ladies cadet shoe we offer. The only difference with this shoe is that it is made from man made fabrics. Our budget ladies parade shoe is one of our best sellers.

3. Male ATC, Air cadets, CCF Police.

We offer great entry level male parade shoes for brand new used by the ATC and CCF and other people in uniform requiring a shoe for formal wear such as police footwear. This cadet shoe is easily polished, extremely smart with an Oxford upper leather toe cap. What’s more, these shoes are very hard wearing and similar to the RAF footwear. Size 3-14. Our  Shoes are all available for delivery next working day.

4. Male  ATC

This shoe is a great quality  and deal for ATC and CCF drill and turnout uniform. This shoe polishes extremely well and is extremely hard wearing. What’s more the shoe has an anti-static function, is slip resistant and has a shock absorbing heel.

Cadet Drill

You will wear your  shoes during drill. “Drill” is the term used by the cadets to describe the formal parade where members move in formation from one place to the other, during drill, you will be wearing your cadet  shoes. These formations might sound easy, but when moving in a large group these skills are difficult to learn. Once you’ve learned these formations your confidence as a cadet will shine.

What to expect at Drill?

  • How to form a squad
  • How to turn and salute
  • How to perform those movement when marching

Once the basics are mastered you will even get the opportunity to learn how to drill with a rifle. The skills you learn at drill you can then progress to teaching other the commands and timings.

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