Military Stable Belts.

Originally stable belts are used when Cavalrymen were cleaning their stables, but in the 50’s stable belts were introduced into the whole British Armed Forces. The long history of the stable belt makes them an essential part of every corps and regiment of the British Armed Forces, a tradition which has helped define each corps and regiment between each other. Stable belts are also used by Denmark and other commonwealth countries.Cadets UK has some of the best and value for money stable belts on the market.We have a great selection in different regiments and Corps all made with top quality materials.

Belt width.

A stable belt is a belt that is wide belt made from webbing with colours of the regiment or Corps. As you would expect it is worn at the waist with combat trousers and the Marines wear it with barrack dress kit. In the RAF it is usually worn with working dress clothing over the trouser top or skirt but not over a jersey ( the army wear it over a jumper).Going back in time when it was used in the stable the buckles were worn at the side. This was so the buckles would not catch on the skin of the stomach as he was bending over and also to prevent the belt catching on the horse harness.Now in the 21st Century the belt buckle is worn at the front and some have buckles with a badge of the Regiment. Some regiments still use the tradition method using  2 straps and buckles. although a few regiments such as the Light Infantry clip their stable belts at the front with the original two leather straps. A large number of units, however, continue to use the traditional method of securing the belt using two leather straps and metal buckles at the left-hand side.

The  Stable Belts are constructed using the best material for the buckles,straps and belting. We have been in business for 30 years making and selling equipment for the military. We aim to sell our belts at the best prices and this shows as our customers keep returning for repeat orders.

British Army Stable Belts.

The stable belt was first used as a working belt in the stable by the cavalry and became popular with  other regiments and corps in The British army. Stable belts are a great source of pride for the wearers and nearly every single branch of the military has a belt with the unique colours and design of the  corps or Regiment.