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Why Should You Choose a Camelbak Rucksack?


Why Should You Choose a Camelbak Rucksack?

There are some products that simply cannot be left out of every cadet’s extensive list of belongings. Alongside the right kind of boots, having a backpack that is capable of withstanding the elements is absolutely crucial to all military operations. No matter if you are a cadet or a fully trained military professional, your army rucksack choice is one that needs to be made responsibly.

If you are searching for the premium choice of British Army rucksack, look no further than a Camelbak rucksack. Those familiar with mountaineering will recognise Camelbak as a leading producer of some of the most innovative and creative gear on the market. With thousands of units sold across military professions, Camelback rucksacks are the best choice for all looking for the best military rucksack available.

Advanced Hydration

Camelbak are named after their most defining feature: unique, patented water reservoirs built in to each of their products. With some that hold bottles, and others that have slim-lined water pouches, there is a distinctive straw that is held close to the user’s body. It is a common complaint that carrying water bottles or stopping to access them from backpacks can be a hassle when on hikes and training missions. Camelbak eliminate this issue.

The straw is fully flexible and can be moved to the mouth with comfort, ease, and minimal effort. The straw has a cap that stops water leakage and allows for almost immediate access to the water supply held inside the backpack. With thick material covering it, the water remains cool and fresh throughout the duration of the activity, and can be easily removed for easy cleaning and refills. They are available in a variety of sizes with varying water storage capabilities. The Camelbak Motherlode rucksack features a 3 litre reservoir for extended access to more water than other models.

High-Quality Material

When you buy a Camelback rucksack, you are sure to have their quality purchase guarantee. Rather than investing in a cheap bag that has the potential to break with heavier items placed inside, each Camelbak bag provides the ‘Got Your Bak’ warranty. Committed to providing nothing but excellence, you will be able to hike easily without concerns about whether your bag will survive the last of the journey.

Each rucksack is designed to have shoulder straps that are worn comfortably, and a waist belt that takes much of the weight from the contents off of the shoulders, spreading the strain of the weight comfortably. This avoids back pains during walks and other activities. Keep your items protected from the elements and from your activity with this perfectly suited army rucksack choice.

Light, Effective Storage

Having enough places to store your multiple belongings has to be one of the most important practices to follow when preparing for the next day’s activities. Without enough space, you will find yourself leaving behind valuable items that could have been essentials. With Camelback, you have the option to choose from a variety of sizes and storage options.

The Motherlode backpack has been created to specifically adhere to MOD standards. This means that the rucksack is lighter and has fewer storage pockets inside than its foreign counterparts. Less internal pockets means less weight and more storage opportunities. Both large and small items can be stored within easily. Whether you are carrying a light pack of supplies or supporting a larger team, your army rucksack from Camelbak will support you the whole way.

Choose the Perfect Army Rucksack

Take into consideration every step of what will be required of you throughout your day. Whether you are a cadet, army recruit, or simply looking for a high quality rucksack, contact us at Cadets UK for the premium backpack choice that won’t let you down.

An army rucksack is the ideal companion for hikes and outdoor activities. The sturdy material of a Camelbak rucksack, in particular, will help keep your belongings safe and dry while you easily stay hydrated and supported by its in-built water reservoir. Take a look at our full range of army rucksacks and choose the right bag for you.

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Top 3 Choices for Military Cadet Boots


Top 3 Choices for Military Cadet Boots

Finding the right footwear for military operations is essential in all operations. The wrong equipment can prove detrimental to expeditions, team-building, and drills. Not only that, but the requirements of uniform in military operations are incredibly strict and failing to use the correct clothing could result in damages to your impression.

When choosing your military and cadet boots, always consider the following:

  • Material required
  • Waterproofing
  • Colour
  • Size
  • Applications – Drills, Combat, or Parades

Take advice on the sizes of military boots. Always purchase a size that is at least one up from your standard footwear size as boots require room for thick socks and must be able to grip your ankle securely, depending on the style. With these in mind, which boots provide the best support to more military personnel?

1. Magnum Military Boots

When it comes to experience in the crafting field, Magnum have the professionalism required to bring you the best quality in military footwear. With over 20 years’ experience in the manufacturing industry, Magnum create cadet boots that are made from high quality leather and are thoroughly waterproofed. Their popularity has extended to the police force, with Magnum being one of the most popular choices for police footwear to date.

There is no surprise as to why Magnum are one of the most popular brands. The Magnum Panther 8 military boot is a prime example of their expertise in action. Easy to use with maximum levels of comfort, this boot is available in both lace up and zip form depending upon the wearer’s preference and the amount of waterproofing required. Popular with security officers and military personnel around the country, there is rarely another boot that lives up to the Magnum name.

2. Lowa Cadet Boots

A close second for the best branded military and cadet boots is Lowa. For those looking for a broad range of styles, colours, and materials, Lowa are the brand to beat. Designed for maximum durability and comfort, Lowa boots UK are made with advanced breathing capabilities, meaning vapour and heat is pushed out from the shoes to keep feet warm and dry during expeditions.

One of the most popular boots from Lowa are their Black Military Mountain Boots Suitable for most military applications, they are able to be used in high intensity situations and everyday activities. They are great for military personnel and cadets, however they are also beneficial to those in police, security, and a number of other less activity-driven jobs, making them perfectly well rounded boots for various positions.

3. Altberg Military Boots

The oldest manufacturer of military boots on our list is Altberg, a manufacturer based in Sheffield. They have been crafting specialist hiking and military boots for over 100 years, giving them a massive span of time to refine their products and create some of the most effective, reliable military footwear on the market. For special forces boots, Altberg are your most likely choice.

The Altberg Sneeker MK2 is one of their most popular boots used by an assortment of military professionals. Made with high quality leather, they are as durable as they are supple. Comfort and breathing come as standard with these boots. For assault boots with years of experience behind its design, Altberg is the one to choose.

Choose The Right Boot for You

When selecting your footwear, always ensure that it is right for you. The most popular choice for others may not be the boot that fits you and your working lifestyle best. Military people may prefer a certain type of heavy boot, but a cadet may be more inclined towards a lighter boot, and police may want a boot that only comes in black.

At Cadets UK, we are dedicated to providing all servicemen and women across the country with the highest standard of footwear. With survival aids and military clothing, you will find all you need for your next expedition with us.

New in stock the AKU Military boots

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Why You Should Use British Army Ration Packs for Camping

Why You Should Use British Army Ration Packs for Camping When many of us go on a camping trip, we are all too aware that we need to bring our own food. There is often no active source of food to purchase if the terrain is more wild, and we have to be prepared for the potential of bad weather in terms of cooking abilities. Being able to access warm food may be one of the most important survival tools you can have if anything were to go wrong on the land you are camping on. Any outdoor activity should undertake a strenuous risk assessment to ensure that you have all of the supplies you know you should be bringing with you. For example, if you are on tougher terrain, you ought to have the appropriate footwear. Army cadet boots are standard for all army servicemen and personnel who undertake an army related course. They are also ideal for camping, keeping your feet dry and secure. However, one of the most important items you should have as part of your emergency pack is a 24-hour ration pack.Why Do You Need Ration Packs? Simply, a ration pack is an emergency supply of food and other essentials that will be able to keep you safe should you be stuck without access to other supplies. Ration packs are often used in the army for extra supplies and a day’s worth of food that takes minimal space and weight in the backpack. The right supplies can make all the difference. At Cadets UK, we are able to supply 24-hour ration packs that are suitably filled to the brim with the essentials anybody would need on an excursion with overnight camping. Packed with both food and sundries, you will have enough to keep you going no matter the weather. Ration packs will keep you full of energy and able to face the tough task of the day ahead, while providing extra supplies should they be needed for emergency situations. Alongside a first aid kit, British Army ration packs are one of the essentials you need for camping and other outdoor activities undertaken alone or in small groups.What Do You Get? Each ration pack will come with its own variety of food, drinks, and sundries to keep you going throughout your day. Vegetarian options are also available. There are flavours and meals to suit every taste, and each ration pack has a selection of both main meals and snacks. At Cadets UK, we have varieties including a lamb tagine, Mexican tuna pasta, and pasta with meatballs. Your meals are healthy and full of energy to keep you prepared with enough calories for more strenuous activity. The drinks are packed with the vitamins you need to stay properly hydrated, and snacks are carefully selected for the best range to provide the right amounts of healthy sugars and carbohydrates the body requires to survive. Portions are small, but they are rationed to be just enough for your body to endure the strains of survival. A question we are often asked about our ration packs is if the food is able to be kept for a long time. The answer is yes. Each pack of food is made especially to army standards, including its shelf life. Some food items may last longer than others, so be sure to keep an eye on dates just in case. Ration packs for camping are often eaten soon after purchase, so you may not have to worry about this quite as much as a cadet or service person. Why do I need sundries? It is a good question to ask, but sundries can also be a crucial part of your survival when taken with you. There is no telling what can happen in the wild, and you need to be prepared. Waterproof matches, tissues, and antibacterial wipes are just some of the items available to you in your ration packs for camping. Many people forget to bring the basics with them, and can get themselves into trouble this way. Avoid facing any problems on your outdoor activities and chose army standard ration packs.Select Your British Army Ration Packs Whether you are going on an overnight camping trip or an outdoor excursion, bringing a ration pack could make all the difference between saving your life and keeping you energised or suffering from being underprepared. Find army boots, ration packs, and more at Cadets UK, the premier retailer of army supplies in the UK. see also surplus store. Army surplus Uk | military surplus store
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What Is Included with Army Ration Packs?

Before any expedition, you must always ensure that you are not without your essentials. For a number of people that will hardly go beyond heavy duty cadet or police boots UK and an army rucksack, but you should consider taking far more along for your excursions if you want to properly take care of yourself in the field. It is not unusual for situations to arise where you need to take more time for your own care, and emergencies can cause an expedition to last far longer than expected. In these circumstances, having army ration packs makes a whole world of sense.Why Army Ration Packs? Think about the situation. Your military rucksacks will be heavy with various clothes and supplies to keep you warm and dry, but you need food and other essentials to also keep you going. It makes no sense to keep a large lunch-box sized tub in your bag, nor should you take more or less than is necessary for your survival. Adding more weight to your bag can be detrimental to your performance and that of the team, so it is crucial that you understand how to appropriately measure you required amounts depending upon the length of time you will be out on duty for. That being said, you should always make sure there are provisions available for emergencies, and our army ration packs are suited for those who need 24 hours of supplies and those who require a warmed meal on the go.24-Hour Ration Packs For those who are taking part in a one-day excursion, the 24-hour ration pack – or MRE UK as they are otherwise known - is ideal. This pack is light-weight and contains only the supplies necessary to ensure a gruelling 24 hours away from civilisation can be endured with minimal difficulty. Having the right amount of calories to keep you energised is essential, but it is not only food that you need to include in army ration packs. Indeed, our 24-hour ration packs have more than meals and snacks. Sundries are necessary for any cadet to survive the outdoors. You might think that a pack of two antibacterial wipes, for example, may be close to useless, but in fact they could save a life. Antibacterial solutions are not easy to come across in the wild environment, and it could mean the difference between a healing cut and one that becomes infected. Sterilising tablets, too, are another essential that come with all of our 24-hour army ration packs. They are crucial for the sanitisation of potentially contaminated water supplies that you may need to take your water from. It is not uncommon for streams and pools to be filled with stagnant water that must be sterilised in this way, and without such tablets, you could suffer from illnesses or worse. Before you consider not taking sundries with you on an expedition, consider what you may not be so willing to lose: your health, or a little extra weight in your bag.Convenience at your Service At Cadets UK we supply a variety of army ration packs that are able to fit neatly in your military rucksacks with ease. Vegetarian options are available, with main meals stretch across various flavours and varieties, giving you the choice of what you would like to eat. Besides our 24-hour varieties, we also offer ration packs that can cover up to 8 hours of your day for a single-day excursion. These specialised packs hold 3,000 calories in their meal and snack options, and also come in a range of specialised menu flavourings. They include two ready to eat meals that come as standard, differing from US army packs which do not. Your calorie count should always be topped up, and with the additional sundries that are included, you will also be able to continue your activities without concern of not having the correct supplies. If you are looking for a ration pack that contains even more for your convenience, try our hot food kits with flameless heaters. Your army ration pack will be padded out with this delicious meal and easy to use flameless heater. These make a great addition to any pack due to their light weight, and the lack of flames reduces damage to the environment and limits potential for damage to yourself and your supplies.Buy The Best Cadet Supplies At Cadets UK we supply only the best of the best when it comes to our cadet supplies. Our army rucksack selection, ration packs, and cadet boots are just some of the items that you can make your own for the most advanced excursion yet. Contact us today for more information about our product selection and to make your experience one to remember.
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Are you ready for your first UK cadet’s expedition?

Are you ready for your first UK cadet’s expedition? Joining the cadets will allow you to experience adventure that can’t be replicated in front of a TV or Xbox screen. You will have the opportunity to get down and dirty on expeditions, which are central to army cadet life. Each year, multiple expeditions are planned on a local, national and even global scale. You could be camping in the local national park, or even find yourself as far off as Kenya, interacting with local communities there.What happens on an expedition? Expeditions are the perfect way to combine everything you’ve learned with the army cadet forces so far, you will have a chance to show off your first aid and fieldcraft skills, skills-at-arms and camp craft. We all love our home comfort and many of us have forgotten our primal outdoor survival skills, on expedition you will learn camp craft, a back to basics skillset that gives you the knowledge of survival in environments other than your home. You will learn what equipment is needed before setting off on an expedition as well as how to prepare your clothes and kit. What’s more you’ll learn skills you can keep for a life time including: · How to create a safe and secure camp · How to build and cook a meal on a fire · How to build a latrine! After an expedition you’ll be full of confidence due to the amazing skills you’ve acquired, not to mention the new friends and boost to your CV as expeditions count towards your Duke of Edinburgh award. Expeditions in the past have been to diverse areas such as the Himilayas, Peru and some cadets have even had the amazing experience of learning survival skills with Regular soldiers in Brunei. Each expedition has months of planning prior to your departure to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.Fieldcraft During your expedition you’ll have the opportunity to get mock experience of fieldcraft and military knowledge, including how to apply and wear proper cam cream, working in sections and even progressing to command your own section. Fieldcraft often includes mock ambush situations, known for being one of the most adrenaline and fun filled exercises you can experience on an expedition. Camp Craft During your expedition, you will be living out in nature over a number of days with the opportunity to learn the invaluable Countryside Code, you will enjoy UK army ration packs as you learn to cook over an open fire and learn valuable camp craft skills that limit the impact on the environment. You will learn: · The safest practices for outdoor survival · Team work · How to create a protective shelter This experience is great for those cadets with a real sense of adventure! Keeping safe in the great outdoors is paramount; so many cadets bring compact survival aids in case of emergency.Skills-at-arms One of the most eagerly anticipated activities young cadets will learn is skills-at-arms, where you will be taught how handle weapons responsibly. Once you have mastered the air rifle, you will progress to become an expert in Light Support Weapons. Each activity is fully supervised by adult instructors who have been fully trained in the Regular Army. The training you will undertake includes: · Clay shooting · Use of rifles in fieldcraft activities · Rifle drills · Rifle range shooting. Once your training is complete you will be able to pass a weapon handling test cementing what you have learned.First Aid One of the core activities in the Army Proficiency syllabus is first aid training. Cadets must know how to contact the emergency services and have basic safety awareness that could be vital in the future. With each progression you will gain skills to equip you with a fully recognised first aid qualification. This is not only an amazing opportunity for your CV, but also useful in real life practice as you never know when an emergency situation may arise. The cadet expedition experience is a life changing event, filling you with confidence, skills and techniques that will last a lifetime. Are you ready for the expedition of a life time? Contact us for all the cadet uniforms and kit needed to have the most memorable expedition of your life.
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Essential Cadet Kit and Camping Expedition Extras

Making the decision to join up as a cadet is one that you will not regret. A lot of people nowadays are not finding the opportunities to make the most out of life in the wider world or need something extra to make getting into college that little bit easier. Taking on the responsibility associated with becoming a cadet means understanding what is required of you mentally and physically. Being prepared with the right equipment is the best first step towards understanding the requirements of your new position. The following list is a guide of essential items every cadet should have and some extras that will make your camping expeditions that bit more enjoyable. See also our cadet rank slides

What does a Cadet Need?

Cadet Boots

The most important – and always required! - part of any cadet’s kit, both new and experienced, is their footwear. The majority of a cadet’s activities are physically demanding or take place in different terrains across the country. Having the correct type of cadet boots will ensure that your feet stay dry, comfortable, and safe. You cannot just wear a standard pair of trainers. Why?

Military boots UK are specially crafted to include heavy-duty soles that are more resistant to damage, wear, and breaking than the soft, thin soles on other commonly worn shoes. The demand on your feet when navigating, tackling long expeditions, and taking part in military drills is more intense than you may first think. The right cadet boots can save you a lot of problems in the long run as they are waterproof and provide ankle support. They are the only real investment of money you will be asked to make towards your cadets training and activities. Don’t let yourself fall behind the pack – choose only the best boots.

At Cadets UK, we supply cadets, police, and army recruits with various kinds of boots, including Lowa military boots, police officer boots, and high-quality Magnum patrol boots. No matter the boots you need, we can supply them.

Military Rucksacks

How are you going to carry all of your belongings around with you? Definitely not in your arms. Military rucksacks are a standard-issue item that are multipurpose and suitable for more than just camping. Army recruits often use military rucksacks on endurance drills, filled to the brim with heavy items to weigh them down and test their strength and willpower.

Military backpacks are made with heavy-duty Cordura material that is durable and resistant to the worst of the British weather. As a cadet, you will usually be issued a military rucksack on day one alongside your uniform, though it never hurts to invest in one for yourself should you need a heavy-duty bag for all of your belongings when your hikes and drills are over.

Expedition Extras

During your time in the cadets you will be invited to take part in multiple expedition trips throughout the year, and you could even venture abroad. Spending a few days in the countryside getting to grips with fieldcraft and the Countryside Code is a great adventure, but with our rainy and unpredictable weather we recommend packing some extra equipment in order to make the most of your trip.

Weatherproof Clothing

Despite a cadet being given an issued uniform, it never hurts to have extra weatherproof clothing at hand to keep yourself prepared for any eventuality. Army recruits are forced to endure cold, wind, and rain on a daily basis. As a cadet, your strenuous activities may not go as far as theirs do, but your uniform will need to be weatherproof to some degree.

To stay out of the cold, always invest in army gloves and hats. Your uniform should keep your body dry and your cadet boots will ensure your toes are warm. Gloves and hats make sure that you can be at your most comfortable throughout the day. Stay warm and keep your energy levels at their highest to get the most enjoyment out of your outdoor activities. You won’t regret it!

Survival Aids

No matter where you are, there could be potential for things to go wrong. Being prepared for any eventuality with your clothing and ration packs is smart, but sometimes these items may not be enough for longer periods than 24 hours. It can be the little things that save lives, as every cadet will learn throughout their training.

Having survival aids in your rucksack could be the difference between injury, sickness, or worse. Did you know that a simple emergency foil blanket helps the body to retain up to 90% of its body heat?  They weigh next to nothing but are essential in most large rescue missions across the country. Keeping warm by creating a fire without fuel, too, is another important skill to learn. A simple piece of flint and magnesium have enough potential to create a contained fire a group can stay warm around or boil water to make it safe to drink. Consider the essentials – and be prepared.

Army Ration Packs

In the cold British winter nights, there’s nothing like a warm meal to bring you joy after a long day advancing your army cadet skills. If you want a real taste of the military lifestyle, you can make your camping adventures with your fellow cadets more exciting with army ration packs. There is often a sense of excitement in being able to eat food in the most unconventional places, and having a selection of camping food packs to share with new friends on cadet camping activities is never a bad experience.

There are various different foods that are sealed in army ration packs with extended shelf lives when compared to the fresh alternatives. Certain ration packs can last 10 years from the date they were sealed – making them a great investment to have as emergency food in a car if you do not eat them while camping. Keeping your energy levels up for drills and walking is important, so always be sure to have three warm meals a day. There are also vegetarian ration packs available for those who require them.

Take On The Cadets Challenge

Becoming a cadet could be the best decision you ever make. With fun activities and plenty of likeminded friends to make, there is no reason not to sign up. Keep in mind the essentials you will be required to have for your first day, prepare for hikes and camping trips, and make the most of it with help from Cadets UK  cadet shop supplies.

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