Cadet Gloves | Tactical | Military.

White Parade Gloves

White cotton Parade Gloves with elasticated wrist. Super white and great shape for a good fit. Ideal for cadets on  parade or for standard bearer. 

White leather Gauntlets

White leather Gauntlets Gloves for Cadet bands. flag bearers in  parades and rememberance day.Super looking and comfortable.

Thinsulate gloves

Great price gloves in acrylic for warm with thinsulate lining to make this a really cosy glove. Come in various sizes. Great seller.

Cadet Gloves | Delta fast Camouflage

Delta gloves have a ventilated neoprene body and leather palm - suede.The  Elasticated wrist area makes for a good fit and has fast loops.

Recon Tactical Gloves

• Reinforced hard armoured knuckle
• Ventilated neoprene body
• Suede/leather palm
• Rubber/Velcro wrist fastening
• Fast fit wrist loops

Delivery time:5-7 days
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Alpha Tactical Gloves

• Micro fibre palm with reinforcing
• Rubber finger impact protection
• Hardshell knuckle protection
• Rubber/Velcro wrist fastening
• Glove puller
• Made from Polyester/Spandex

Predator Tactical Cadet Gloves

Predator Tactical Cadet Gloves Black with a carbon fibre knuckle adjustable wrist strap, shaped palm, super comfort, heat retention and finger ventilation.