Mechanix M-Pack Gloves Black

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Mechanix M-Pack Gloves in black. It has soft rubber moulded onto the glove for protection. Fantastic grip and shock absorption.

Mechanix M-Pact Black Glove.

This is a great glove for the Police and the Military.The Mechanix M-Pact Black Glove will protect your hands while on duty.Soft Plastic Rubber is fused to the glove will give flexible protection against impact.The Impact Guard frees your finger for trigger guard entry.
The dual-layer internal fingertip construction reinforces the thumb and index finger for improved abrasion. The fingertip pattern gives added feel and movement. Impact padding in the palm will soak up impact and vibration.
•Machine washable.
•Tough durable gloves.
•Great protection and grip.
•Dual layer.
•Shock abortion.