What Is Included with Army Ration Packs?

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Before any expedition, you must always ensure that you are not without your essentials. For a number of people that will hardly go beyond heavy duty cadet or police boots UK and an army rucksack, but you should consider taking far more along for your excursions if you want to properly take care of yourself in the field. It is not unusual for situations to arise where you need to take more time for your own care, and emergencies can cause an expedition to last far longer than expected. In these circumstances, having army ration packs makes a whole world of sense.Why Army Ration Packs? Think about the situation. Your military rucksacks will be heavy with various clothes and supplies to keep you warm and dry, but you need food and other essentials to also keep you going. It makes no sense to keep a large lunch-box sized tub in your bag, nor should you take more or less than is necessary for your survival. Adding more weight to your bag can be detrimental to your performance and that of the team, so it is crucial that you understand how to appropriately measure you required amounts depending upon the length of time you will be out on duty for. That being said, you should always make sure there are provisions available for emergencies, and our army ration packs are suited for those who need 24 hours of supplies and those who require a warmed meal on the go.24-Hour Ration Packs For those who are taking part in a one-day excursion, the 24-hour ration pack – or MRE UK as they are otherwise known - is ideal. This pack is light-weight and contains only the supplies necessary to ensure a gruelling 24 hours away from civilisation can be endured with minimal difficulty. Having the right amount of calories to keep you energised is essential, but it is not only food that you need to include in army ration packs. Indeed, our 24-hour ration packs have more than meals and snacks. Sundries are necessary for any cadet to survive the outdoors. You might think that a pack of two antibacterial wipes, for example, may be close to useless, but in fact they could save a life. Antibacterial solutions are not easy to come across in the wild environment, and it could mean the difference between a healing cut and one that becomes infected. Sterilising tablets, too, are another essential that come with all of our 24-hour army ration packs. They are crucial for the sanitisation of potentially contaminated water supplies that you may need to take your water from. It is not uncommon for streams and pools to be filled with stagnant water that must be sterilised in this way, and without such tablets, you could suffer from illnesses or worse. Before you consider not taking sundries with you on an expedition, consider what you may not be so willing to lose: your health, or a little extra weight in your bag.Convenience at your Service At Cadets UK we supply a variety of army ration packs that are able to fit neatly in your military rucksacks with ease. Vegetarian options are available, with main meals stretch across various flavours and varieties, giving you the choice of what you would like to eat. Besides our 24-hour varieties, we also offer ration packs that can cover up to 8 hours of your day for a single-day excursion. These specialised packs hold 3,000 calories in their meal and snack options, and also come in a range of specialised menu flavourings. They include two ready to eat meals that come as standard, differing from US army packs which do not. Your calorie count should always be topped up, and with the additional sundries that are included, you will also be able to continue your activities without concern of not having the correct supplies. If you are looking for a ration pack that contains even more for your convenience, try our hot food kits with flameless heaters. Your army ration pack will be padded out with this delicious meal and easy to use flameless heater. These make a great addition to any pack due to their light weight, and the lack of flames reduces damage to the environment and limits potential for damage to yourself and your supplies.Buy The Best Cadet Supplies At Cadets UK we supply only the best of the best when it comes to our cadet supplies. Our army rucksack selection, ration packs, and cadet boots are just some of the items that you can make your own for the most advanced excursion yet. Contact us today for more information about our product selection and to make your experience one to remember.