Camelbak Motherlode back pack

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The Camelbak Motherlode lite is a tough and reliable hydration rucksack. Comes with water bladder.

Camelbak Motherlode Military Rucksack.

 The Camelbak rucksack range. It’s known to be one of the UK’s best selling rucksacks to the British Army.The The Motherlode is made from 500D Cordura which ensures the bag is very strong and is capable of taking on the toughest conditions you can put it through. With soldiers in mind, this backpack is designed to provide all the possible features a soldier may need when on deployment, and more. Featuring quick release buckles to allow for quick reaction situations, an air director to allow the best ventilation, essential in hot and humid environments and a storage space for glasses, goggles and night vision goggles (NVG).

Easy to wash

A great benefit of the Camelbak Motherlode is its ability to be cleaned easily, simply pop the rucksack into the washing machine and it should come out looking as good as new. This is a great benefit if you intend to put it though muddy and wet environments.

Large hydration pack

The rucksack features a Mil Spec Antidote Reservoir which is capable of storing up to 3 litres of water to hydrate you for the whole day. This makes this Camelbak rucksack a desirable choice for any outdoor enthusiast that needs a hydration system that lasts them the whole day, such as cyclists and hikers. The this type of bag would be perfect for cadets,although a little pricey, as the hydration capacity allows them to stay hydrated while taking part in any field craft or other exercises.


The large storage capacity of the bag allows soldiers, outdoor enthusiasts and cadets to store their essential equipment and more. The bag  features a large 37 litre storage space, if you are a cadet you can store everything you need in this rucksack. Typical items to be stored inside a cadets bag include:·

· Survival aids such as flint and steel and water purification tablets.

· Cutlery and mess tins.

· Camo cream, and camouflage clothing.

· Underwear and other dry clothing.

· Lights and a camping cooker.

· Sleeping Bag.

· Compass.

· Pen Knife.

· Army First Aid Kit.

 Light Version

This is the light version backpack, it has all the same material as the 500 but a few features have been reduced to make this Motherlode bag lighter. It has a smaller size belt around waist that can be removed. All the internal pockets have been reduced down or taken out to make this rucksack one of the lightest version ever made.

Camelbak MotherLode with 3lt reservior MTP.

This backpack has been re-designed and made for day pack and patrol use. It now has an new design for the UK market. Comes with Air Flow Back Panel, a 500 Denier Cordura and toughened and stronger webbing.Comes with removable .This will help to reduce the number of buckles and hanging straps that will catch or snag. This now makes it much easier for road and  travel by air. By adjusting the shoulder straps, the motherlode is now easy  to wear over body armour, including the Ospery armour.The new back region will give increased support, and  also increases airflow to reduce body heat.

Camelbak MotherLode

Removable waist belt.
An antenna slot at the top of bag.
A good 35% lighter weight cordura
Air Back Panel for even load distribution and  circulation of air.
.Front and side panel webbing for attaching additional gear.
Lower drink tube exit ports for under arm tube placement.
 name-tags can be added or removed and quickly  integrated hood and loop panels.

Reservoir Capacity:100oz(3L).
Dimensions:495mm x 343mm x 317mm.
Weight:1.6kg empty.
Material: 500 Denier Dupont Cordura, Nylon.
Capacity when filled:42.5 litres.