Sorbothane Insoles Single Strike

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Sorbothane insoles for comfort and protection against injuries.Helps absorb shock to ankles , knees and hips. Will last a lifetime.

Sorbothane Insoles.

The single strike Sorbothane insoles are great for activities where the heel is will be coming down with impact, including walking and sport hiking and those with foot and knee problems.Sorbothane Single Strike has a cushioned heel protection with a soft heel cup and arch for added support.

Arch support.

  As the Sorbothane rubber softens shock to the heel from impact shock, it also helps to stop heel pain.The built-in super arch support and rounded design aims to stop and help arch pain from starting Sorbothanes 100% control upper sheet contains modern ,technology to destroy bacteria on contact, pushing moisture away from the skin and managing sweat for good foot hygiene .Replace your old insole with a Sorbothane Single Strike insole and you will feel the body benefits and comfort.