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Kids Camouflage Jacket

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Kids Pilot Jacket Black


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kids pilot jacket olive


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Kids Army Unlined Waistcoat


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Kids Army Camouflage T/shirts


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Kids Army Assault Vest

Kids Camouflage Clothing.

We do  a range of kids camouflage clothing in the old and the new British Army styles and camouflage.

We have in stock

  • Camouflage jackets
  • Camouflage trousers
  • Camouflage shirts
  • Assault vests
  • Lined assault vests
  • T shirts
  • Hats
The kids army clothing is tough and durable and will give kids hours of fun.We also have Ghillie suits and flying suits just like the Top Gun Pilot. Let the kids enjoy some of this collection.