Cadet Boots

There are just fewer than 100,000 cadets in the Army, Air and Sea Cadets. This huge number of avid young Cadets shows just how popular and enjoyable being a Cadet is. Cadets enjoy an annual camp which they can attend, where they will meet other Cadets throughout the UK and as well as making new friends, take part in many adventurous activities such as fieldcraft, kayaking, clay pigeon shooting and mountain biking.


Top Gun cadet boots brown


Brown Cadet Boots / ATC army cadets


Cadet Boots Airborne Light Combat


G Force Combat Boot


Lightweight combat boots/ cadets/ military/ police


Cadet Boots Light Assault


Waterproof combat boots / cadet Assault boots


Cadet assault boots


Cadet Assault Boots


Top Gun Combat Boot


Cadet boots all leather


Cadet Patrol boots

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Parade Boots for Cadets and Bands


Cadet Boots Brown size 6 to 12


Cadet Boots 166A