Original Swat boots

The SWAT military, security and Police boots are more than just any old black boots. We know that you really need boots that are cost effective and will give you the best of service.
This is why we have chosen the SWAT boots for our collection. S.W.A.T. police and military boots  are now a vital part of our inventory. We say that the swat boots are among the best for  quality and value.

The Swat boot mould determines the room inside the boot and makes a good fit. All Original S.W.A.T. footwear is made on the same last. Our Mould was made using the most up to date  computer design technology. This system has allowed us to accurately reflect the needs of the customer.  The SWAT footwear will give you one of the best fits on the market today. Now being bought by Cadets.


Original Swat Boots classic 9 black


Original Swat boots classic 9 with side zip


Original Swat Forces boots for Military/ SIDE ZIP


Original Swat Forces boots for Police / Military/WATERPROOF


Swat original hawk boots waterproof

Original SWAT military and police boots range has  become one of the Top Flight  boot ranges for uniformed professionals both here and in the United States. Believe me the  quality, specification, performance and durability of these  boots is outstanding . With a styles and specification  to suit every need the swat boots has now become a gauge  for performance in footwear.