Water filter pump purification

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This is a fantastic water purification pump and will make sure all the water you drink will be fit for consumption.It will not only clean water but take out bacteria.

Water purification pump.

This water filter pump has been designed by the professional product design and research team involved in the type of equipment. This water filter pump has been tested thousand of time and will convert lake, river or rain water in to clean drinking water .It is effective against 99.9% of Protozoa, bacteria and viruses.It will clean1000 litres of dirty water into clean safe drinking water. Medical grade filters . Hand pumping action.Filtering Accuracy: 0.00001mm.This is the highest in the world.

Size: 16.5x5x8cm

Rated net water: 1000L

Water flow: 0.5L/min

Material: food class ABS shell , UF. carbon fibre. Food class PP cotton.

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