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This is an Army cadet  ( ACF )Contingent banner fully embroidered both sides with gold fringe on 3 sides and sleeve for pole.A fanstastic banner.

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Cadet Contingent Banner.

This Cadet Contingent Banner is made to your own text and logo. Before production we will send you proofs for checking and if everything is in order we will start production which should take around 6 weeks This is a fully embroidered banner on both sides with gold fringe and sleeve for flagpole.

Size of Banner.

The size is regulation 42"x36" plus fringe.It has the badge for either the Combined Cadet Force or the Army Cadet Force with your title. Of course, this can be altered to your needs.Give us a call or email us and we will will get back to asp.

  • Size 42x36 inches not counting fringe.
  • Embroidered Both sides.
  • Text to be supplied.
  • Proofs sent to buyer before completion.
  • If you want to see.

Parading of the Contingent Banners.

  • This Banner is not trooped ceremonially due to it not being consecrated or rank the same as a colour.
  • The banner will be given the same respect as a colour except:-
  •  When on parade arms will not be presented but shouldered.
  •  2. It is not to be saluted by cadets parading past.
  •  When the banner comes passed Cadets they will come to attention.
  • When the banner is passed to a cadet he or she will salute before taking the banner.
  • School banners are to be treated with the same respect as a ACF or CCF Banners.
  • No ACF or CCF Banners can be paraded along with official colours or banners.
  • School detachment banners are to be blessed but are not consecrated.
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