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This is an Army cadet  ( ACF )Contingent banner fully embroidered both sides.Embroidered both sides in gold and silver thread  with the crest of the ATC or CCF

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 Cadet Standard.

  • Size 42x36 inches not counting fringe.
  • Embroidered Both sides.
  • Tex to be supplied.
  • Proofs sent to buyer before completion.

Parading of the Banners

  • The BANNER is not trooped ceremonially as it is not consecrated and is not ranked the same as a Colour.
  • The banner will be given respect the same as a colour expect in as follows:-
  •  A. when on parade arms will not be presented but shouldered
  •  B. It is not to be saluted by cadets parading past
  • When the banner comes passed Cadets they will come to attention
  • When the banner is passed to a cadet he or she will salute befor taking the banner
  • School banners are to be treated with the same respect as a ACF or CCF Banners
  • No ACF or CCF Banners can be paraded with official colours or banners
  • School detachment banners are to be blessed but are not consecrated.