Crusader hammock with basha

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 Crusader nomad survival hammock with mosquito net and basha cover. Great for survival and lightweight camping trekking.Compete set so you are ready to go.

Crusader Hammock With Basha.

The Highlander Crusader Waterproof Hammock is easy to carry as it is lightweight, has everything you need to set up for a comfortable sleep  and is a breeze to set up. The hammock is great  adventure backpacking, the military or outdoor pursuits when you want to travel fast and light

 Built In Mosquito net.

This strong combination set comes with everything you will want to get it fixed up at night. As you are above ground you will be safe from insects and other nasties.The hammock comes with a built in mosquito net that will keep insects away,. It has a fantastic waterproof flysheet come tarp that can be set to keep the rain off you.The equipment for hanging kit includes 2 really strong lengths of webbing, guy ropes light weight pegs, 2 karabiners.Everything is included so you ae ready to go.

It is easy to erect and instructions are included and with a little practice can be set up in 5 minutes.


  • Fitted  fine mosquito net with inside pockets.
  • Perfect for lightweight and fast trekking. You can be gone in no time and no one will know you have been there.
  • With experience fast set up time.
  • Kit includes the Hanging kit,  2 karabiner,2 lengths of webbing, Guy ropes & lightweight pegs.
  • Olive.
  • Weight: 1.14 kg in weight.
  • Load: 110kg
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