Fuel gel Fire dragon

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 Fuel gel fire dragon. Now in new packs of 6. Burns clean and very hot.It will still burn when it is raining  or becomes wet.

Fuel Gel.

Fuel Gel - Fire dragon- is a great aid to outdoor cooking. The Fire dagon Fuel Blocks in the new packaging 6 Blocks is one  great way to cook food when out camping.It is also a great way to start a camp fire. This fuel is made to be used either on its own r with a small solid fuel cooker. I have used this many times and just used a few stones to hold my pot.

Great For Your Survival Kit.

These  fuel block are superb for lighting a barbecue or a fire in the wilds. Will burn even when wet. These blocks can be kept as a reserve backup for that time when your cooker goes on the blink.

  • Easy to light:
  • Weather resistant
  • Eco friendly.
  • Non toxic so can be stored with rations or food.
  • Burn time- 8-10 minutes per block.
  • Ethanol ingredients.
  • Includes 6 fuel blocks.
  • Great addition to you survival kit.