Ceremonial flagpoles 7ft | spear

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Cadet Flagpoles, in beautiful rosewood with brass fittings and spear finial. The flagpole has a screwed joint that allows the pole to split into 2 sections.

Cadets Ceremonial Flagpole.

Superb quality finished wooden ceremonial flagpole for Cadets.This pole comes with polished brass fitting and spear final. The pole splits into 2 parts and joins with screw fitting. Lovely dark wood finish.This is in the most common size of 1.1/8 inches by 7 foot so it will be the same as 90% of other flag poles. New quality items.This pole is a little shorter for the cadets.

  • Tremendous quality.
  • Any size you want.
  • comes in 2 sections.
  • Screwed joints so pole can be split into 2 sections.
  • Spear can be removed.
This flag pole is 8 ft long with rosewood finish
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