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Blackthorn 1 person tent


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Blackthorn one person man solo tent


2 Person lightweight tent 2 man blackthórn

Small Backpacking Tents.

We have hand picked our  tents in our selection for them all to cater for Cadets, so you can be assured that every tent in our selection is capable of being put through what your Cadet experience will put it through.We like to stay competitive and have ensured you get the best deal on any of our tents available, while still keeping high quality and durability. Our tents are not only picked for cadets but for the military too, so you can use our tents on exercise if needed.

1 Man Tent.

Our 1 man camo tent is made by Blackthorn, a well-established and trusted tent manufacturer who creates some of the highest quality army tents available. This army tent has heat sealed seams and is waterproof ensuring you stay dry in wet environments. A compression sack is included to help save space. This tent is ideal if you are hiking on your own or are on field craft and require a tent for yourself. This army tent also comes with fibre-glass poles to support the tent and keep it secure.

2 ManTent.

Our 2 man camo tent is similar to our 1 man  tent, however there is extra space to for 2 people inside. Great for couples, Cadets sharing with a friend or Cadets with extra equipment needed to be stored in a safe and secure environment. With all the same features as the 1 man army tent your equipment and yourself will be kept safe overnight from rain and wind.

3 ManTent.

The Vango Banshee 3 person tent is one of the best quality tents we stock, made with high quality 70D Protex polyester material it is weatherproof and will keep you warm during cold nights. The poles are colour coded to ensure that you put the tent up quickly and properly and reflection points on the pegging allows you to be safe at night when leaving the tent. A compression stuff sac is included which will help keep your tent stored in as small a space as possible so you can carry other essentials with you such as our camping cookers. Our Vango Banshee army tent is capable of fitting 3 people inside for a comfortable night’s sleep, however it can fit 2 people with a lot of extra equipment.