Military Accessories

At Cadets UK we supply a wide range of accessories for military use. With Cadets in mind we have compiled the most popular products cadets have been using. We stock a wide range of camo cream from brands like Kombat and Wesco. We also stock camouflage stealth tape such as HMTC and other products like survival tins and boot polishing kits so you can get everything you need as a Cadet from Cadets UK.

Military Accessories 


NATO German jerry cans


Camouflage Stealth Tape


HMTC Camo Wrap Tape


Fire Steel Military


Trouser Twists


Camo Compact 5 Colour


Camo Compact 3 Colour


Camo Cream Stick 2 Colour


Wesco Camo Cream


Camo Face Paint 3 Colour


Army dog tags for kids


Dog Tag Silencers


Bungies Olive 60cm


Boot Polishing Kit


Light Weight Dry Sacks


Scrim Net Olive


Survival tin plastic


Para cord olive


Sewing kit in multicam


Folding scissors


Scrim net


Neck Cooling scarf


Crusader cup lid


Wrist over warmers

Camo Cream

Our camo cream is an effective piece of kit for concealing yourself from the enemy, it helps stop the shining of your skin with its matte colour and helps you blend in with your surroundings. Our camo creams are great accompanying our UK ghillie suit so you can be even more effective at hiding from the enemy, or friends.If you are at annual camp you will certainly take part in many field craft exercises, many where you will need to put on camo cream. We have a wide variety of camo creams available from our Wesco camo cream to our 5 colour compact cam cream.

Wesco Camo Cream

The Wesco cam cream is an effective brown and green cam cream. It’s non-toxic and water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the rain or wet environments exposing you to the enemy. The cream is also IR reflective and is designed as a stick, allowing easy application of the camo cream onto your face.

5 colour compact cam cream with mirror

The 5 colour compact cam cream is an ideal camo cream if you intend to use it within multiple environments, the dessert toned cam cream helps you blend into lighter areas where as the darker brown and black colours allow you to hide in plain sight at night and in dark environments.

Other Cadet Accessories

Trouser Twists

Trousers twists are two sets of green elastic which you put directly over your boot or leg and then tuck your trousers underneath. A very simple piece of kit that allows Cadets and the Military to keep their uniform neat and tidy.

Boot Polishing Kit

Our all in one boot polishing kit is a great purchase for any new cadet looking to get all the essentials for polishing their boots. Our boot polishing kit includes an extra strong webtex pouch with 2 brushes, a duster, shoe polish and a spare pair of boot laces. This will allow you to properly polish your boots as well as have a spare pair of laces in case your others get ruined during field craft or after long use.

Lightweight Dry Sacks

We stock a large selection of Dry Sacs in many different sizes. Dry Sacks are used to keep your kit dry by placing the kit in the waterproof sack, it keeps away rain using its water tight roll and clip closure system. If you are on field craft and need to keep your spare clothes dry, then put them in our dry sacks and then into your camelbak rucksack and it will keep your clothes dry for use later.