Wayfare Ration Packs


Ration Pack Meals Ready To Eat

M.R.E. stands for meals ready to eat and we offer a great selection of these ration pack. M.R.E. ration packs can be eaten hot or cold. These M.R.E. ration packs are better than the American ones and offer more choice and better quality food. M.R.E. Ration Packs are used by the military and people wishing to take meals out on a days hike.

Main Meal Ration Packs

Wayfayrer  ready to eat meals or MRE  provide a good  meal and satisfy the biggest of appetites when you are out in the wilds.These main meals provide a substantial meal and satisfy the biggest of appetites whilst camping, walking, climbing and all other activities. We do breakfasts, main meals, pudding deserts and vegetarian meals. Use anywhere in the British countryside or at the top of Munroe, Wayfayre main meals have been tried and tested in all parts of the world  by explorers.
They come in a sealed strong pouch, the yummy, pre-cooked rations packs are  very easy to heat and can be eaten hot or cold. Just heat the pouch in boiling water for around  six minutes and they will be hot and tasty.

  • Shelf life - 3 years.
  • Store unopened pouch, dry conditions and cool area.
  • Average values per 100g - Energy: 860kj/205kcal. Protein: 5.6g. Carbohydrate: