military boots/ combat /assault boots for army and the police. Great selection

Lowa Military and Combat Boots.

We have a tremendous stock of military boots, combat, assault footwear and cadet footwear shoes. The boots have great leather uppers and durable tough soles to give you that little bit of off extra grip. The military boots are now in service with the army all over the world. Most of the footwear has been tried and tested in these fields of action. Make this you choice for you footwear. We are always on the lookout for new types of military boots and are aware of the price conscious public so try to keep the prices at a low level. Combat footwear, Parade shoes from leading brands such as Magnum Original Lowa, Magnum and Grafters. Practical no nonsense company we come very highly recommended. We try too giving customer’s services and products to a price and delivery, which meets the needs of today’s buyers

Military Boots

If you are looking for boots you have come to the right place with our range of military boots for almost every scenario, field operation or climate we have the boots for you.If you are looking for military combat boots for the army/ police or security then YDS,511, Lowa or bates will offer tremendous toughness and comfort in and combat situation.Our boots will give great fit, comfort in most situations like training , combat, security, padding the pavements.I am sure you will find the boots you are looking for.
We are now working with the best in the business and suppliers like GORE-TEX, which helps us become one of the most preferred boot brands in our area of expertise.

From the very start of the process to delivering the police and military boots to customers, we are tracking each piece of footwear in the supply chain with a modern bar code in-house system.
We have our own testing lab, which is passed by SATRA, to attain the a very high level of quality design to practical use of the footwear, and to keep ongoing product design and development.
We are now developing our own designs by heavy investments. We are developing new designs like dual density rubber with injection soles.
It is our aim to be the top highly technical military boots / police boots brand in the world.