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Thermal Base Layers. Long Johns.

Base Layers first became popular around the late eighties and have really taken off since then. It has almost replaced the old style cotton underwear or long Johns. The modern day base layers t shirts will wick away sweat in the summer and keep you warm in winter so they are fit for any purpose.

Many Cadets, Army and Military members use us for their Base Layers, we can deliver to any location in the UK.People who buy for the first time are surprised how good they are. The base layers is a good way to keep warm or as used as a top in summer for a wind break or extra layer. Great for the Military,cycling or walking. Our range of Base Layer t/shirts includes camouflage,olive and black.

Layered method.

Layered clothing is used to describe a system of using shirts and jackets on top of one another. This traps air and is a very good way of keeping warm.By removing or adding a layer you can regulate how warm or cold you can be for example 2 this layers is better than 1 thick layer.Not only will it be warmer but it will be more flexible and air will be trapped between layers.
Layers of clothing is important in cold weather but the clothing or base layers must be of a breathable kind to wick away moisture or sweat. The outer layers should be wind and waterproof and still allow the sweat to evaporate into the air.
Base layers are one of the mainstays of layers and usually worn next to the skin.It makes such a difference to keeping warm that is it hard to do without them once you become accustom to them.The come in many styles and are usually made of modern synthetic technical materials. They do not really have to be really expensive to work.A lot of designs are designer and fashion.

  • Come in long john trousers.
  • Shirts- crew neck and zip.
  • Warm.
  • Easy to clean.