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Great features so that you can choose what boots is best suited to the situation and conditions that you might be in. We stock Magnum boots suitable for all your military needs.Magnum Tactical boots have been making military boots for over 20 years. They are so popular that they are used by both Cadets and the Police Force. We recommend Magnum military boots so much that we have made it our top choice for military cadet boots on our blog.One of the most important pieces of clothing the cadet and police force can wear is the correct army boots. Cadets UK offers a superior range of cadet footwear including, assault boots and military parade shoes. We have a superb range of military combat boots including; Lowa Boots, Magnum Boots, Altberg Sneeker, Warrior Boots and much more.

Army Boots from Cadets UK

Our black and brown army boots are strong and durable, yet still cheap. We provide both heavy and lightweight military footwear, ranging from our Magnum military boots to our Lowa combat boots.

Army Boots for Sale

Instructors need a great pair of boots to look the part as well as train, teach and have fun with their Cadets. The Magnum boots are a perfect fit for Instructors and Cadets looking for a more capable pair of military boots.

Our Magnum boots are made to stand up to the toughest conditions while still providing great performance. Perfect for fieldcraft, Magnum boots are extremely durable and offer comfort in the most rugged conditions. This is something that the Magnum boots have become well known for over the years. When people get a good comfortable set of boots in a lot of cases they stick to the same kind, Magnum boots have that impact on people. They are used as tactical boots, safety boots and are fit for many other purposes. Today's Magnum Patrol boots will provide grip, stability and protection for nearly all conditions. We have a number of different styles in stock all offering different features so that you can choose what boots is best suited to the situation and conditions that you might face. For added comfort we recommend our boot insoles.

At Cadets UK we like to stay competitive for our customers, we have applied very competitive pricing on our range of Magnum boots so you can get the best deal on your army gear with us. Our cheap Magnum boots will definitely help you perform your best under pressure.

Choosing the Right Military Boot

Remember, the wrong Magnum military footwear can be detrimental to your cadet experience so always consider these tips when choosing military footwear:

  • Material required – Do you require natural or synthetic leather?
  • Waterproofing – Does your boot need to be waterproof?
  • Colour – The most popular options are black and brown
  • Size – We cater for a large range of sizes.

Whether the boots will be worn for drill, in combat or on parade will also be an important factor to consider. We recommend our magnum boot range for all these scenarios.


The Magnum Panther is a new line of combat boots from Magnum, offering one of the lowest prices in its range, yet still living up to its sought after comfort and extreme durability. The boot has an 8-inch leather and nylon upper with a very durable get a grip sole unit. Popular with senior Cadets and Instructors, the boot comes in 2 options, with a side zip or without. At 744g per boot, the boots are lightweight allowing you to easily pick up speed at camp or on a run without having to drag along a heavy boot all day. The low weight of the boot also assists with easing any stress on your feet during long days standing, such as when you are taking part in drill. This is the option without the side zip. Available in sizes 4-14.

 Panther Military Boots side zip

The side zip version of the Magnum Panther is one of their best sellers. Still featuring an 8-inch leather and nylon upper with a very durable get a grip sole unit, this boot also has a very durable side zip for quick reaction in case of an unexpected event occurring or simply for saving time removing or putting the boot on. Popular with senior Cadets and Instructors, the boot comes in 2 options, with a side zip or without. This is the option with the side zip. Available in sizes 4-14.

Why would you need a boot with a side zip?

Although Magnum boots are regarded as one of the best military boots to buy thanks to their incredible durability and ability to outperform other boots in difficult environments, they are still normal combat boots. Boots take a while to put on and take of your feet, which in some cases is not good. Magnum has created a boot with all the sought after features as their other ranges of military boots, but has added strong side zip. The side zip allows for a significantly quicker option when putting on and taking off your boot. At camp you may have a planned emergency at night where you have to quickly get up and outside fast, tying up your boots may not be quick enough and so you create a risk of you injuring yourself due to untied boots. With a side zip you can quickly zip up your boot and be off in seconds. In combat, soldiers use the popular Magnum Panther military boot with side zip to quickly react to threats, the extra seconds it takes to tie your boot can be literally be life and death, Magnums innovative idea of a strong side zip has reduced time to get ready improving a forces quick reaction time. The side zip is also great when you need to take your  combat boot off for a few seconds. You may be on patrol or on a hike and a stone is in your shoe, you wouldn’t want to untie your laces in this situation. In more serious cases you may have a medical emergency, this is when you need a solution to quickly remove your boot.

Magnum Facts

  • Magnum military boots are known for being comfortable, super light yet highly durable.
  • Magnum footwear is sold in over 80 countries throughout the world.
  • Magnum created ion-mask TM technology which protects soldiers from chemical attacks by repelling chemicals and liquids from the wearer.
  • In 2012 Magnum were awarded an award for the ‘Best Innovation in Safety Footwear at the Professional Clothing Awards.
  • Magnum boots were originally made for the FBI, who required a strong and lightweight boot that was athletically built, the Magnum boots made for the FBI back in 1982 received a lot of praise and the brand was launched, in 1983 Magnum released their boots to the market and the popularity skyrocketed their brand of high quality boots into one of the most popular and highly regarded army boots in the world.


Magnum have passed all the required certifications needed to show that their Magnum Panther range are suitable for many uses. Magnum are one of the worlds most trusted and recommended military footwear brands and are ideal for almost any situation. When looking for a boot you can depend on, a Magnum boot will always be a good choice. Magnum Military boots are certified to EU Standard EN 20347 for footwear with SRA slip test..

Full certification: EN ISO 20347:2012 OBE.

Our Magnum boots are made to stand up to the very toughest conditions and situations while still giving great performance, which is something that the brand have become well known for over the years. They are used as Tactical Boots, Safety Boots and fit for many other purposes. Cadets UK are a leading stockist of army and police boots

Lowa Combat boots are another great boot with real quality.See our selection.