Snugpak Sleeping Bags

Snugpak sleeping bags  are always being develop to face the toughest of challenges.The Force green range has evolved as a result of the high demands made for efficient reliable equipment. Snugpak sleeping bags including the Softie and Elite bag ranges are available in a wide range to suit all types terrains.Our range of Snugpak sleeping bags have been manufactured using the strongest most durable fabrics and are lightweight yet highly compressible to give the best value and performance.Snugpak Sleeping Bags are well known across the world and is a leading brand name when it comes to sleeping bags and are renowned for quality. They continue to improve their range all the time and you can be assured that when getting a Snugpak Sleeping bag you will be getting a good quality sleeping bag that will be fit for purpose. 


The sleeping bag olive, cadet


The Snugpak Sleeper Lite cadet sleeping bag


Sleeper extreme Snugpak sleeping bag


Snugpak Elite 1 Sleeping Bag


Snugpak Elite 2 Sleeping Bags


Snugpak Elite 3 Sleeping Bags


Snugpak Elite 4 Sleeping Bags


Snugpack Softie Elite 5 Sleeping Bags


Snugpak Softie3 Sleeping Bag


Snugpak Softie 6 Sleeping Bag


Snugpak jungle bag


Snuppak Softie 9 Hawk Sleeping Bag


Snugppak Softie 12 Sleeping Bag


Snugpak Antartica Sleeping Bag


Snugpak Softie 10 Sleeping Bag


Snugpack Special Forces 1


Snugpak Special Forces 2


Special Forces Baffle


Snugpak expedition sleeping bag


Snugpak expedition sleeping bag camo