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Our first aid kits contain quality items and packaging and are designed for a variety of needs.The first aid kits meet Safety Regulations, are very lightweight, compact and are great for the treatment of non-emergency injuries. Very handy to have around the home or work and essential if going on a field trip.The larger first aid kits are super for camping, summer camps camping or hill climbs.First aid kits are an essential for any outdoor activity, a first aid kit should also be available in every workplace. As a cadet, you may be put through tough conditions and a cadet may get hurt, this is where first aid becomes essential. We recommend all cadets carry a first aid kit with them at all times, as it likely first aid will be given to a cadet or instructor during a rigorous activity such as field craft. Our army first aid kits contain all the necessary equipment needed to be able to apply first aid on yourself or on another person.

First Aid Kit Essentials

We recommend a few items to be in a great starter first aid kit, always have these essential pieces of equipment in your rucksack when taking part in outdoor activities such as fieldcraft. You never know when you will need it but you don’t want to be caught out without them.


Bandages help in many ways; they can hold dressings in place as well as put pressure down onto a wound to stop bleeding, it can be used to support joint injuries and help reduce swelling.


Swabs are used to clean around the wound, removing any dirt and keeping the wound clean.

Sticky Tape

To hold dressings in place or the ends of bandages.


To fasten and loosen the ends of bandages

Scissors & Tweezers

To be used for cutting bandages to its correct size. Scissors can also be used to cut clothing if you need to get to a wound.

Our Cadet First Aid Kit contains all these essentials and would be a great addition to any Cadets inventory.

Midi First Aid Pack in Olive

The Midi First aid kit in olive is one of our best first aid kits we provide. The army first aid kit comes in olive to provide a camouflage look, great if you are using it in field craft and do not want a bright red first aid kit to reveal your position. The Midi Pack is a great fit in one of our army rucksacks, we recommend you keep your first aid kit in your rucksack when you take it on fieldcraft and other outdoor expeditions.

This army first aid kit includes all the essentials you need as listed above, as well as a few extras that would become very handy. A few extra bandages are included as well as vinyl gloves, water resistant zips and antiseptic wipes. We also sell the Midi First Aid Kit in red too.