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Parachute regiment stable belts

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Parachute regiment stable belts. Brand new para regiment stable belts in 3 sizes

Para Belts

Quality para belt for members of the parachute regiment.This is a super stylish belt and is set off with the beautiful chrome buckle. Different sizes available but can be adjustment. The Paras or   Parachute Regiment is made up  of 3 battalions, 1st, 2nd, &3rd para with a  Reserve battalion. All Paras can expect to serve in the SF support group to keep to the special skill level.It started away back in February 1942  with capturing a radar system in France which turned out to be a success.After this  the War Office made the force larger and the Parachute Regiment was formed and we now know them as the Paras.Our Para stable belt comes in  a maroon colour with  a chrome buckle embossed with the para wings.

  • Chrome buckle, smart appearance.
  • Embossed with Para Wings.
  • Different sizes of belt.
  • Tough and durable.