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Larger objective lenses are much better in low light such as evening light. Rubber armoured binoculars absorb bumps. they provide extra grip and do not mark easy. For viewing of birds and  wildlife make sure your binoculars can close focus. All our binoculars are suitable for outdoor and and are guaranteed against faulty workmanship. Over the years small compact binoculars have become very popular as they are  light weight and can fit your  pocket.
We have a selection of Military Goggles and safety glasses available for a variety of different uses. Goggles  are purchased for those who will be in a desert environment where their eyes will be protected from the dust and wind.This is a common problem and this is why our Military Goggles are one of the best selling product lines that we have available All the safety eye-wear has undergone safety checks. Binoculars have 2 numbers, such as 8 x 25. The first number lets you know the magnification that the binoculars have.  The second number will denote the diameter of the lens ( that is the one furthest away from your eye) in millimeters.