Military Expedition 4-6400 Compass

exp 4-6400
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Silva  Expedition 4-6400 military Compass. A Lightweight protractor type compass made specifically for use by the UK army.

Silva Expedition 4-6400/360 Military Compass.

The fantastic military compass is suitable for all navigational tasks.It has long base plate that helps to makes it comfortable to grip and allows for accurate bearings. The markings are marked in 6400 mils plus  360 degree marks on the inside. This is useful for Civilian maps. 

Will work in dark conditions as it has a built in illumination.

 Note the needle and main points have  a special Tritium base 80 MC illumination. If this is activated by daylight or torch it will give 4 hours of illumination.

  • Silicone gripper feet on the base will stop it from slipping.
  • 1:25k, 1:50k and 1:40k roamer scales  along with centimetre and inch rulers
  • A good size magnifying lens to give accurate contour counting and point identification.
  • The Expedition 4-640 compass  is used by NATO forces.