Outdoor First Aid Kit (25 pieces)

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Outdoor first aid kit for small cuts and grazes. it comes in tough plastic case. The kit contains 25 first aid pieces

Cadet  basic first aid kit
Contain 3  Cotton balls
Stick tape 1x85cm
2 gauze Bandage  5x83cm
8  swabs
4  Safety pins plus Scissors
2  Sewing kit  varous buttons, needle and thread)
4  Sterile bandades
Weight  110g

 Pins Safety 4 x Bandage Adhesive 1.9 x7.2 cm,, 1 x Small Scissors 1 x Tweezers,1 x Tape Adhesive 1/2"x 1m,1 x Kit,Sewing 2 x Swabs Cotton,1 x Stretch Bandage 5 cm X 83 cm,3 x Cotton Absorbent 5 cm.