Why You Should Use British Army Ration Packs for Camping

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Why You Should Use British Army Ration Packs for Camping

When many of us go on a camping trip, we are all too aware that we need to bring our own food. There is often no active source of food to purchase if the terrain is more wild, and we have to be prepared for the potential of bad weather in terms of cooking abilities. Being able to access warm food may be one of the most important survival tools you can have if anything were to go wrong on the land you are camping on.

Any outdoor activity should undertake a strenuous risk assessment to ensure that you have all of the supplies you know you should be bringing with you. For example, if you are on tougher terrain, you ought to have the appropriate footwear. Army cadet boots are standard for all army servicemen and personnel who undertake an army related course. They are also ideal for camping, keeping your feet dry and secure. However, one of the most important items you should have as part of your emergency pack is a 24-hour ration pack.

Why Do You Need Ration Packs?

Simply, a ration pack is an emergency supply of food and other essentials that will be able to keep you safe should you be stuck without access to other supplies. Ration packs are often used in the army for extra supplies and a day’s worth of food that takes minimal space and weight in the backpack. The right supplies can make all the difference.

At Cadets UK, we are able to supply 24-hour ration packs that are suitably filled to the brim with the essentials anybody would need on an excursion with overnight camping. Packed with both food and sundries, you will have enough to keep you going no matter the weather. Ration packs will keep you full of energy and able to face the tough task of the day ahead, while providing extra supplies should they be needed for emergency situations. Alongside a first aid kit, British Army ration packs are one of the essentials you need for camping and other outdoor activities undertaken alone or in small groups.

What Do You Get?

Each ration pack will come with its own variety of food, drinks, and sundries to keep you going throughout your day. Vegetarian options are also available. There are flavours and meals to suit every taste, and each ration pack has a selection of both main meals and snacks. At Cadets UK, we have varieties including a lamb tagine, Mexican tuna pasta, and pasta with meatballs. Your meals are healthy and full of energy to keep you prepared with enough calories for more strenuous activity.

The drinks are packed with the vitamins you need to stay properly hydrated, and snacks are carefully selected for the best range to provide the right amounts of healthy sugars and carbohydrates the body requires to survive. Portions are small, but they are rationed to be just enough for your body to endure the strains of survival.

A question we are often asked about our ration packs is if the food is able to be kept for a long time. The answer is yes. Each pack of food is made especially to army standards, including its shelf life. Some food items may last longer than others, so be sure to keep an eye on dates just in case. Ration packs for camping are often eaten soon after purchase, so you may not have to worry about this quite as much as a cadet or service person.

Why do I need sundries?

It is a good question to ask, but sundries can also be a crucial part of your survival when taken with you. There is no telling what can happen in the wild, and you need to be prepared. Waterproof matches, tissues, and antibacterial wipes are just some of the items available to you in your ration packs for camping. Many people forget to bring the basics with them, and can get themselves into trouble this way. Avoid facing any problems on your outdoor activities and chose army standard ration packs.

Select Your British Army Ration Packs

Whether you are going on an overnight camping trip or an outdoor excursion, bringing a ration pack could make all the difference between saving your life and keeping you energised or suffering from being underprepared. Find army boots, ration packs, and more at Cadets UK, the premier retailer of army supplies in the UK.

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