Why Should You Choose a Camelbak Rucksack?

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Why Should You Choose a Camelbak Rucksack?


There are some products that simply cannot be left out of every cadet’s extensive list of belongings. Alongside the right kind of boots, having a backpack that is capable of withstanding the elements is absolutely crucial to all military operations. No matter if you are a cadet or a fully trained military professional, your army rucksack choice is one that needs to be made responsibly.

If you are searching for the premium choice of British Army rucksack, look no further than a Camelbak rucksack. Those familiar with mountaineering will recognise Camelbak as a leading producer of some of the most innovative and creative gear on the market. With thousands of units sold across military professions, Camelback rucksacks are the best choice for all looking for the best military rucksack available.

Advanced Hydration

Camelbak are named after their most defining feature: unique, patented water reservoirs built in to each of their products. With some that hold bottles, and others that have slim-lined water pouches, there is a distinctive straw that is held close to the user’s body. It is a common complaint that carrying water bottles or stopping to access them from backpacks can be a hassle when on hikes and training missions. Camelbak eliminate this issue.

The straw is fully flexible and can be moved to the mouth with comfort, ease, and minimal effort. The straw has a cap that stops water leakage and allows for almost immediate access to the water supply held inside the backpack. With thick material covering it, the water remains cool and fresh throughout the duration of the activity, and can be easily removed for easy cleaning and refills. They are available in a variety of sizes with varying water storage capabilities. The Camelbak Motherlode rucksack features a 3 litre reservoir for extended access to more water than other models.

High-Quality Material

When you buy a Camelback rucksack, you are sure to have their quality purchase guarantee. Rather than investing in a cheap bag that has the potential to break with heavier items placed inside, each Camelbak bag provides the ‘Got Your Bak’ warranty. Committed to providing nothing but excellence, you will be able to hike easily without concerns about whether your bag will survive the last of the journey.

Each rucksack is designed to have shoulder straps that are worn comfortably, and a waist belt that takes much of the weight from the contents off of the shoulders, spreading the strain of the weight comfortably. This avoids back pains during walks and other activities. Keep your items protected from the elements and from your activity with this perfectly suited army rucksack choice.

Light, Effective Storage

Having enough places to store your multiple belongings has to be one of the most important practices to follow when preparing for the next day’s activities. Without enough space, you will find yourself leaving behind valuable items that could have been essentials. With Camelback, you have the option to choose from a variety of sizes and storage options.

The Motherlode backpack has been created to specifically adhere to MOD standards. This means that the rucksack is lighter and has fewer storage pockets inside than its foreign counterparts. Less internal pockets means less weight and more storage opportunities. Both large and small items can be stored within easily. Whether you are carrying a light pack of supplies or supporting a larger team, your army rucksack from Camelbak will support you the whole way.

Choose the Perfect Army Rucksack

Take into consideration every step of what will be required of you throughout your day. Whether you are a cadet, army recruit, or simply looking for a high quality rucksack, contact us at Cadets UK for the premium backpack choice that won’t let you down.

An army rucksack is the ideal companion for hikes and outdoor activities. The sturdy material of a Camelbak rucksack, in particular, will help keep your belongings safe and dry while you easily stay hydrated and supported by its in-built water reservoir. Take a look at our full range of army rucksacks and choose the right bag for you.

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