Top 3 Choices for Military Cadet Boots

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Top 3 Choices for Military Cadet Boots

Finding the right footwear for military operations is essential in all operations. The wrong equipment can prove detrimental to expeditions, team-building, and drills. Not only that, but the requirements of uniform in military operations are incredibly strict and failing to use the correct clothing could result in damages to your impression.

When choosing your military and cadet boots, always consider the following:

  • Material required
  • Waterproofing
  • Colour
  • Size
  • Applications – Drills, Combat, or Parades

Take advice on the sizes of military boots. Always purchase a size that is at least one up from your standard footwear size as boots require room for thick socks and must be able to grip your ankle securely, depending on the style. With these in mind, which boots provide the best support to more military personnel?

1. Magnum Military Boots

When it comes to experience in the crafting field, Magnum have the professionalism required to bring you the best quality in military footwear. With over 20 years’ experience in the manufacturing industry, Magnum create cadet boots that are made from high quality leather and are thoroughly waterproofed. Their popularity has extended to the police force, with Magnum being one of the most popular choices for police footwear to date.

There is no surprise as to why Magnum are one of the most popular brands. The Magnum Panther 8 military boot is a prime example of their expertise in action. Easy to use with maximum levels of comfort, this boot is available in both lace up and zip form depending upon the wearer’s preference and the amount of waterproofing required. Popular with security officers and military personnel around the country, there is rarely another boot that lives up to the Magnum name.

2. Lowa Cadet Boots

A close second for the best branded military and cadet boots is Lowa. For those looking for a broad range of styles, colours, and materials, Lowa are the brand to beat. Designed for maximum durability and comfort, Lowa boots UK are made with advanced breathing capabilities, meaning vapour and heat is pushed out from the shoes to keep feet warm and dry during expeditions.

One of the most popular boots from Lowa are their Black Military Mountain Boots. Suitable for most military applications, they are able to be used in high intensity situations and everyday activities. They are great for military personnel and cadets, however they are also beneficial to those in police, security, and a number of other less activity-driven jobs, making them perfectly well rounded boots for various positions.

3. Altberg Military Boots

The oldest manufacturer of military boots on our list is Altberg, a manufacturer based in Sheffield. They have been crafting specialist hiking and military boots for over 100 years, giving them a massive span of time to refine their products and create some of the most effective, reliable military footwear on the market. For special forces boots, Altberg are your most likely choice.

The Altberg Sneeker MK2 is one of their most popular boots used by an assortment of military professionals. Made with high quality leather, they are as durable as they are supple. Comfort and breathing come as standard with these boots. For assault boots with years of experience behind its design, Altberg is the one to choose.

Choose The Right Boot for You

When selecting your footwear, always ensure that it is right for you. The most popular choice for others may not be the boot that fits you and your working lifestyle best. Military people may prefer a certain type of heavy boot, but a cadet may be more inclined towards a lighter boot, and police may want a boot that only comes in black.

At Cadets UK, we are dedicated to providing all servicemen and women across the country with the highest standard of footwear. With survival aids and military clothing, you will find all you need for your next expedition with us.

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