Torches, headlamps and lanterns

A selection of LED torches, civilian , military torches, cadet torches and headlamps. Be ready with good torches and lamps. A lantern or torch is a  practical and safe way to light your camp-site. Various models will cover most situations for hiking and summer camps.




Led torch powerful 200 m beam


Night Ops Headlamp


Mira Head Lamp


Fornax led headtorch


GI Angle torch with red filter


Budget headtoch

LED  products are sold in virtually every class of trade in the market place today. LED torches are used by police officers, fire fighters the military and just about everyone that wants a good torch. A modern LED torch is a safe and practical way to light your camp-site. Various models cover all situations for hiking and work. New LED torches and lanterns  now have long battery life.