Bushcraft / Survival aids

Cadets UK have been providing Bush-craft and survival Accessories for over 30 years.Our  store has a wide range of products listed below. From backpacks, dog tags, survival tins and a wide range of other bush-craft equipment that will be useful for you to have for you outdoors activities.


Water Purification Tablets


Water filter pump purification


Flint and Magnesium Block


Fire Steel Military


Fire Steel Scout


waterproof note pads


Write in the rain waterproof note pad


Wire Saw


Single Survival Bag PVC


Emergency Foil Blanket


Chemical Light Sticks


Hexamine Solid Fuel Cooker


Solid Fuel Refill


Mini Hammock


Double Folding Shovel


jerry cans


NATO German jerry cans


Bungies Olive 60cm


Light Weight Dry Sacks


Survival Tins


Survival tin plastic


Para cord olive


Nylon Rope


100 foot rope


Gafffa tape black


Nylon rope 10 mm


Nylon rope blue 6mm


Hand axe


Survival can opener


Emergency shelter 2 to 3 person


Emergency shelter 4 to 5 person


Folding saw


Bushcraft cookers


Solid fuel cells


Emergency whistle


Emergency Poncho foil

Survival Aids

Ration packs are essential when it comes to any outdoor and survival activity where you will be away from home overnight or are a distance away from any form of help. We have a host of other survival aids that are recommended for the outdoors including fire lighting equipment, water bottles mess tins , compasses and cookers.

Survival Tins

Survival Tins A selection of survival tins packed with accessories for the outdoors.