Crowns and Chevrons

Cadets UK have a selection of Army Crowns and Chevrons listed on our website, you will see below all of the Army Crowns and Chevrons that we have in stock.

We are always adding the most up to date Crowns and Chevrons as they come into stock. All for the items listed below can be delivered anywhere in the UK.


No 1 Mess Dress Chevrons


Staff Sgt


WO11 crown


RQMS crest




British Army NO2 Dress Chevrons


Staff Sgt Crown


Small Crown for Staff Sgt


Large Crown for WO11


RQMS Wreath


No 2 Dress WO1


Rifles No2 and No 2 Dress Chevrons


Rifles WO11 Crown


Rifles RQMS Insigna


Rifles WO1 insignia