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D of E Ration Packs

If you plan on taking on a Duke of Edinburgh award expedition, then it is essential that you prepare, it will be a long and hard journey which will consume a lot of energy. That’s why it’s essential to bring nutrient rich high calorie foods, like our ration packs. Our ration packs like our 24 hour ration pack will provide you with all the energy you need to keep your performance at its best all day.  WAYFARE RATION PACKS

We have compiled a large selection of ration packs and meals we believe to be very suitable for Duke of Edinburgh expeditions. They have been developed from rations supplied to climbers, outdoor enthusiasts and the military. They’re great for outdoor people and have been made to refuel that lost energy, whether you are on the go for a couple of hours a day walking, camping or a trip up a mountain. Our ration packs and main meals are lightweight and ideal to carry around with you in your bag giving you plenty of room for other essentials such as our outdoor equipment.

A Duke of Edinburgh expedition is all about achieving goals and most importantly having fun. You aren’t given a disgusting sludge but a wide variety of delicious prepared meals ready to eat, ranging from chicken and mushroom pasta to Chilli con carne. You will have to cook your own food on an expedition so it is a wise choice to bring a ration pack to instead of making your dinner on the spot on your expedition. Ration packs are designed to take up minimal storage space in your rucksack, leaving more space for other equipment – or more rations! Most ration packs can be eaten hot or cold, this is ideal if you are on the go and can’t stop to heat up your food. Ration packs can be heated up in a matter of minutes inside the pouch, or if you prefer you can eat out of our mess tins.

Benefits of ration packs

  • Ration meals provide you with a nutritionally balanced selection of meals to get all the nutrients you need each day.
  • There is a wide selection of meals and snacks to choose from, so no need to worry if you don’t like a certain meal, you can pick your favourite rations.
  • Ration packs have many variants for those who are vegetarian, have allergies or only eat halal products.
  • Ration packs are waterproof; they save being spoiled by water or dirt getting into your bag unlike homemade meals.
  • Saves space by compacting all the nutrients and calories into the smallest space possible, to save space for other essentials.
  • Ration packs usually last up to 3 years, this is great if you don’t use all your rations as you can save them for camping or other trips in years to come.
  • Our Mountain House range can last more than 25 years!

How to cook ration packs

A nice warm meal is a welcomed sight, especially to a D of E participant on their expedition, the day can be rough and it can get very cold. A warm meal would help boost spirits and heat you up to. Cooking a ration pack is usually not needed, as they usually come ready to eat, this means you can eat your rations hot or cold. To heat your rations up, simply fill up a metal container with water and then place your ration pouch in the water, pushing the contents under the water to ensure everything gets heated up. Place under a heat source capable of boiling the water, we suggest using one of our camping cookers for this. Turn the cooker on and once the water starts to boil, keep on the heat for 5 to 10 minutes, we suggest checking your ration pack instructions for their recommended times. Once your rations are ready turn your camping cooker off and take your ration pouch out, be careful as the pouch may be hot. We recommended emptying your ration packs into our outdoor cooking and cutlery sets, they are very durable for carrying in your rucksack and camping, and will make your food easier to consume.

Emergency rations

The Duke of Edinburgh award teaches you to be prepared, so it’s wise to bring more food than you need on your expedition. If you intend in bringing your own homemade food to your Duke of Edinburgh expedition, we still recommend bringing a couple of our ration meals with you. Ration meals are available on our store as one meal, instead of an all-day set. We recommend purchasing a couple of meals for an emergency, if your food gets spoiled then our waterproof contained survival ration packs will keep you fully fed until your expedition is over. If you don’t use your rations on your trip they last up to 3 years so you can make use of them another time.

Ration packs are often considered as an essential to outdoor enthusiasts in case of an emergency, many things can go wrong while outdoors and you may not be able to find a food source for days, having ration packs stored as an emergency is considered a must if you want to stay safe while participating in outdoor activities.