Police Boots

We provide a large range of UK police footwear that is suitable for the police force to use.

Our full range of UK police boots are of the highest quality and will not fail you when most needed. We have hand-picked our products to offer only the best boots, our whole selection is all suitable for police use however each boot offers different benefits.

The budget end of Police boots is still one of our bestselling product lines.
It can be a daunting task to buy footwear from a company on-line so what do you consider when buying police boots. First how much do you want to pay. Do you want a cheaper boot and replace them every year or so or do you go for something like a Top of the range which will of course last a lot longer.
If you go for more expensive option, then you would expect to get much longer use and comfort as opposed to a budget boot. Budget Police Boots must still conform to British standards and be fit for purpose which is why when buying UK Police Boots from us you do so in the knowledge that you are buying Police Footwear from a company who have them made to the correct standards.


Magnum Panther


Magnum Panther Military Boots side zip


Swat boots classic 9 with side zip


Original Swat Boots classic 9 black


Forces boots for Police / side zip


Swat original hawk boots

At the cheaper end of the UK police boots you have the boots under £50. These are tremendous value for money boots and some are fully waterproof and breathable. Just because they are not over £60 to £150 does not mean that the boots are not up to the job. All of our non-branded Police boots are made using the best materials.

Usually new police officers buy the Magnum range of boots. Magnum do a range of police boots from under £50 to £180 and the new Magnum light weight patrol boot which has been in use for the past few years. On the budget end our light weight patrol boots, stealth and Ambush are selling very well. These are waterproof and breathable super light boots. Our more expensive range of UK police boots covers the Bates, 511 tactical and Lowa.

Low Boots

Low Ronan black Gore-Tex is a new lightweight boot in the Lowa range. The Lowa Ronan is based on the popular Lowa Renegade Gore-Tex and is a great boot for every day Police duties.

The most popular of the top of the range police boots are the Lowa boots come in half sizes and have been very popular because they do not need any breaking in time. If you require a police patrol boot that offers superb comfort for walking and driving, then the Lowa mid weight police boot is a great option to consider. The police are generally looking for a lightweight police boot which makes the Lowa range of police boots so desirable. If you are a police cadet and require police cadet boots, then we highly suggest the UK Lowa boots range.

Magnum Boots

A highly recommended police patrol boot is the Magnum Panther with side zip. Magnum patrol boots are extremely popular within the British army and offer maximum comfort while providing the highest durability. The side zip feature of the Magnum Panther police boot is a valuable feature to have as it allows the boot to be put on very fast if a quick reaction occurs, which saves valuable time to get you to the emergency fast.

Bates Boots

Bates boots are one of the best selling range to Police forces in the U.S.A. so if you are interested in Police Boots then check our range of Police Footwear today.