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Our specialist craftsmen create our high quality range of Cadet and Duke of Edinburgh Award badges, as well as other Cadet badges. Our range of the Duke of Edinburgh badges are a very popular choice to many of those taking part in what the Duke of Edinburgh has to offer, as well as their instructors.


Duke of Edinburgh Award Badges


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Youths First Aid Badge


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If you cannot find your desired badge, then contact us and we can make it for you. Our highly skilled team of craftsmen are experts in making badges for the Military, Army and Cadets so your badge will be of the best quality when we make it for you.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Badges

We create our Duke of Edinburgh Award Badges using high quality materials and our craftsmen have created a badge for gold, silver and bronze on a black background. These badges are suitable to be worn on a jumper or a No 1 dress.

ACF Duke of Edinburgh Award Badges

The ACF version of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Badges is very similar to the standard badges, however this badge is suitable to be worn on ACF cadets, if you are in the ACF we recommend you purchase this badge instead of the other version.

Cadet Award Star Badges

Cadet Award Star Badges are used to define the training and experience a cadet has, it helps identify what stage of the Cadets they are at. The different stars range from basic training, which cadets earn as soon as they complete their basic training camp with the cadets, then from 1 star to 4 star awarded cadet. We recommend all cadets to purchase a set of our Cadet award badges, they come as a full set and will make life easier instead of trying to source separate stars every time you move up an award star.

First Class Cadet Badges

The first class cadet badge is worn by cadets who have successfully achieved a first class cadet award, we sell our first class cadet award badges in sets of 1.

Lord Lieutenants Cadet Badge

The Lord Lieutenants Cadet Badge is a great honour for any cadet to achieve, the award is given to a Cadet in every service in every county. The chosen Cadet then represents the Cadets and their county and attends royal visits and civic ceremonies, this is a great achievement and our badges are of the highest quality, ensuring your Lord Lieutenants Cadet Badge is of the high standard you keep yourself as a Lord Lieutenants Cadet.

First Aid Badges

The first aid badge is awarded to cadets who takes part in first aid activities or who is involved in first aid at work, you may be the designated first aider in your workplace. You can achieve this badge by passing the St Johns Ambulance first aid course. We have both youths first aid badges and adults first aid versions of these badges available in our store and ready to ship asap.