Ghillie Suits

Ghillie Suits are a great solution to for people wanting a camouflage system to cover all your spots for hunting.

This is a tough, lightweight and compact Ghillie Suit. Ghillie Suits are designed to break up the shape of the easily identifiable human body and to blend into typical UK environments such as woodland and farmland.


Ghillie Suits for children


Adults Ghillie

Ghillie Suits are very popular with paintball players, hunters and the military. We also have in stock kit to add that little bit of extra camouflage for your bag or gun. The Ghillie Suit is as a leafy suit worn to hide or camouflage the user and blend them into the natural background. It was originally used by Sheppard's in Scotland and still is used by Ghillies in the highlands to remain hidden while looking after the herds. The Ghillie Suits are to be worn over you other clothes and do not make you warm, as they do not have insulating properties. They do break up the body shape like no other piece of camouflage. This is the best form of camouflage you can buy; however, we do offer other alternatives which will help you conceal yourself such as our cam cream.

Kids Ghillie Suits

Popular in many modern army games such as Call of Duty, Ghillie Suits have become incredibly popular. Many children who play these games want to be like their favourite characters and love to play armies and hide and seek with their kids Ghillie Suit on.

Ghillie Suits in the Cadets

If you are a cadet instructor a Ghillie Suit may be a perfect excuse to spend a weeknight with your detachment and take part in some fieldcraft. Many detachments in the army cadets go into fields and woodlands nearby to play hares and hounds, where the hares hide and the hounds hunt them. If you are a cadet instructor we highly suggest one of our adult Ghillie Suits, they are perfect for showing your detachment how easy it is to hide in plain sight as well as making fieldcraft even more fun. Our UK Ghillie suit is a one size fits all size so can cater for any size.

What you get with our Ghillie Suits

Our Ghillie Suits come as in 3 parts, the head cover, the jacket and the trousers, we recommend you have suitable clothing underneath that will keep you warmer on colder days, as the Ghillie Suits are very light and thin. The head section of the Ghillie Suit has a mesh section to see through, this is a great extra as the mesh actually keeps insects away from your face.

Ghillie rifle wrap

A perfect accompaniment of the Ghillie Suit is the camouflage rifle wrap, the rifle wrap helps conceal your rifle from others in woodland and farmland, especially when you have the Ghillie Suit on. A gun sticks out if you wear a Ghillie Suit and don’t have a method of concealing your weapon. The camouflage rifle wrap helps keep your rifle out of sight yet allows you to use the rifle effectively.