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24 hour British army ration packs. This is a one stop ration pack that contains 3995 quality calories, has a,breakfast lunch and dinner and not forgetting the high energy drinks & snacks. This army ration pack is sufficient for an active person for up to 24 hours.

Menu 1 V

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Breakfast- Muesli with milk

Main meal -Bean and pasta

ta salad,  chickpea curry, plain rice, mince pie slice, hot pepper sauce

Snacks- apple / peach fruit purée, oatmeal block, sesame seed bar, smooth peanut butter, roasted and salted peanuts, cheese spread.

Drinks- orange flavoured fortified drink powder, orange flavour fortified powder, tti fruit flavour powder, tropical flavour, mint hot chocolate drink powder.


Non discretionary items.
re-usable plastic bag
whitener for tea coffee
instant coffee 2
tea bag 2
sugar 4
matches 5
wet wipes 2
water purification tabs
chewing gum