Military Boots and Army Cadet Boots

We have a few ranges  ranges of military boots, Lowa boots, cadet boots, Bates and all types army boots are made with mixtures of very good leather and soles that are tough and durable. We sell thousands of boots to police, military and cadets units.

If you are looking for a good pair of boots then this is the place to be. We offer a good range of Military Boots and Parade shoes, we want to make sure that we remain the number one supplier of Military Boots, so we regularly check the prices of our competitors to make sure we offer our Military Footwear at the best prices available online.

We stock leading brands of Army & Cadet boots from leading brands such as Original Lowa, Magnum, Hi-Tec Magnum and Bates. Military boots are practical and now used by anyone that wants a good pair of boots as they are made for comfort and to be durable.

Our highly recommended Military Boots come in at a price that reflects our base line price structure. We strive to give our customers the products and services to a level of quality, price and delivery which meets their needs, and making sure the footwear meets your needs.


















 511 BOOTS







Military Boots are one of the most important pieces of kit a soldier can have simply due to the amount of time you spend on foot. Without a good pair of boots you cannot walk and therefore you will have trouble being on your feet add day in poor quality footwear. Ask 5 different soldiers about military boots and you are sure to get 5 different answers, many soldiers wear Combat Boots that suit them, they probably always use the same brand and kind because they know they are fit for whatever purpose they use them for.

Almost every soldier will have an opinion as to what boots they think are best. There are always new boots coming onto the market. Some good and some not so good simply because many people sell footwear made using poor quality materials It is a difficult market to break into as most of the manufactures are already established in the market. We at Cadets UK are always keen to introduce new military boots that have been tested and tried in operations.

Many of the Combat Boots we have are from well known brand names that you will be familiar with, we do offer footwear on our website to suit everyone's budget.