Military Socks RAF and Cadet Socks

Great selection of military socks including cadet socks, RAF  and in blue , black or olive. Top quality socks with wool,wool mixtures for toughness and  comfort. Enhance walking and help to maintain foot health in. assignments that require prolonged standing or extensive walking while giving comfort, DURABILITY and  MOISTURE wicking designs.

You depend on your feet so buy the best and our socks are with you all the way.


Army Cadet Socks Combat Olive


Cadet Socks Black


Blacksnit socks


Blaxnit socks pack of 4


1000 mile fusion services socks


Cadet Socks


Military Patrol socks


Bridgedale trekker wool fusion


BridgedaleTrail light-weigh sock


BrIdgedale Trekker Merino wool fusion


Military sock Merino Wool

Made with fibres for super softness, durability, and moisture-wicking to keep the feet dry.

Some with  padding in the foot and heel specifically to help avoid blisters with protection that will keep the feet cool.

Good socks help to keep circulation flowing and will not rub on toes and heels.