Selvyt Cloths

The Selvyt cleaning cloths are a popular choice, these boot polishing cloths are well known across the world, Selvyt is a leading brand name when it comes to cleaning cloths and we have these cloths in stock.

These are easy to store and handy to have to make sure that your boots or shoes are cleaned to the highest possible standard.The Selvyt polishing cloth is a must have product, you can polish your boots with it, making the cloth damp at one side, and then polishing the boot up with the dry part of the cloth to get the quality finish you want.

Many Cadets all over the UK use the Selvyt cleaning cloth to make sure their boots are clean for inspection, we can deliver to any location in the UK. 

Selvyt Cloth / Polishing Cloth

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The selvyt polishing cloth is one of the best tools for polishing boots and shoes.This remarkable cloth will help to give you that professional looking shine.

This is the 25x25 size which is the correct size for boots and shoes. you can use the under £5 postage for this item