Compasses | Military and Map Compasses

We have a range of Military compasses for Map reading and directional work. We have a selection of Silva compasses and standard makes.

Starter compasses for the beginner and top of the range for the military.
Compasses can be very useful if you are required to read from a map, especially for those in the Military or who are out camping in a field that they don't know.

There are many others out there who would have the need for a map Compass all of the Compasses we have in stock will be able to help you with Map Reading.


Button Compass


Lensatic plastic compass


Lensatic compass with metal case


Field silva compass


Ranger compass


Expedition 4 compass


Militair 4 Compass


Silva 8 compass


Map Case


Deluxe map case


Map case in camouflage


Scout map case