Multicam Shirts and Trousers

Multicam shirts and Trousers

These are great quality multicam shirts and trousers made by a  British manufacturer. The quality of the shirts and trousers is second to none. The multicam clothing is not the cheaper cloth that you see sometimes on the internet.

The  shirts and trousers are the  the British army design with a few added extras. This is the design trousers and shirts that were issued to the S.A.S. regiment. It has a couple of breast pockets with pen and torch tabs with velcro closing.

It also has a Front zip of double strength flap and comes with rank slide holder,2 angle sleeve pockets and velcro for tags, names and ranks,  fully adjustable cuffs with buttons and double strength stitching all over the garment. A tremendous quality piece of multicam clothing.

grd1mtp shirts

Multicam shirts

grade 1

 Made in Britain to MOD specs this multicam shirts are the best of British and not like the cheap copies from China. They come with large belt placement loops to take a good size belt, adjustable sides and draw cord to make for a good fit, 2 front pockets strength stitching, special designed fly with double flaps zips and buttons, cargo pockets on side and double strength knee area and compartment for knee pad, ankle draw cords and I.R.R. These shirts were the ones issued to the S.A.S by this M.O.D manufacturer.This is a superb garment and we can make any size you want. We can also do bulk orders 


Multicam trousers

Multicam Trousers

Made in Britain the multicam trousers with adjustable sides to give a really good  fit,comes with belt loops to take military belts,  2 angled strong front pockets, stitched fly opening with zip and button for extra security,2 cargo large side pockets, the seat is , strong  knee area and room for pads. It also has draw cords at  ankles. Genuine multicam and I.R.R
This is the trousers issued to the S.A.S by the very same manufacturer that makes these trousers. Bulk orders taken and can do discounts for bulk orders. This is a very good quality garment. We can also make larger sizes