24 hour Ration Packs

Ration Packs or M.R.E.s as some might know them are meals ready to eat and can be eaten hot or cold, if eaten hot, place pouch in boiling water for around 7 minutes. They have a long shelf life which means you can buy your Army Ration Packs in well in advance of any trips you might be making.The 24 hour Packs are the same as issued to the British army ration and will  provide you with your meals for the whole day.This is a one stop ration pack that contains 4,000 quality calories, has a lunch, dinner and not forgetting that it also comes with high energy drinks & snacks. There are  different menus and we can get Halal, Sikh and Vegetarian options. This army ration pack is sufficient for an active person for up to 24 hours and are regularly used by the British army.Note contents may vary from time to time. 


British army ration packs vegetarian


British Army ration packs


British army ration packs 24 hour


British army 24 hour ration packs


24 hour ration packs